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At Eagles Nest Ranch, we encourage our staff to pursue God and invite him to be part of everyday life. Out of that daily desire to seek God, staff members can nurture and lead others with excellence and integrity.

Staff testimonials

"From laughter in the kitchen, to quiet times in the hills, I cannot deny the shift that has happened in my life because of this place of true family. It’s a beautiful contrast of comfort and escape; filled with intimacy and freedom. I’m constantly drawn back with every opportunity to be out there. It’s definitely the people that make the difference. Deep wells of unexpected friendships naturally blossom in that place, interactions surely planned by the Lord."
Media coordinator
"Eagles Nest Ranch is my happy place. My healing place. It is where my heartstrings get tuned and my imagination station gets recharged. Whether I come to ENR for a retreat, spring clean-up, or as teacher and speaker, I leave with my heart full. There is something about the atmosphere that draws me closer to Abba, God our Father. He never changes...but I do. I come away stronger, physically, emotionally and spiritually."
Summer camp director
"Looking back, I realized that I have been living at Eagles Nest Ranch on staff almost six years now. but have been involved with ENR for 9-10 years, and I love it here. Some of the exciting things about ENR for me is, being able to serve and not to be served. It's a place to reconnect with friends and make new friends of course! It's a safe community, it's a fun place... I enjoy what I do here at the RANCH. Groundkeeping and many more. Also, I would consider paint-balling to be my favourite activity!"
"We are so thankful for a place to be refreshed, where our relationship and friendships are strengthened, and where in the quietness and the stillness we can connect with our maker. We always look forward to any opportunity that we can have to be at Eagles Nest Ranch. About two years ago we started our involvement and continue to become more and more invested in what is happening at ENR. We are so blessed to be a part of what God is doing at the Ranch!"
Brian & Jen
"ENR is a place where lives are changed, relationships are built and memories are made. We like to volunteer because our children went to summer camps here and we know that their experiences were an integral part of the adults they’ve become. We want other kids and actually everyone to be able to experience that as well. It’s a little hidden gem that allows you to unplug from the busyness of your life and be refreshed."
Cory & Bonny
Facility manager
I had never really heard of Eagles Nest Ranch until a couple months before I decided to volunteer there for a summer as a counsellor, and man, I will never forget it. ENR is a life-changing place that consists of a community of believers that are caring and very spiritually open.The environment there is so open and free and it opened up parts of my life that I was unaware of, and really showed me the plan that God has in-store for myself. The community gives one the opportunity to embrace who they are and seek out God in a way that just doesn't feel the same outside of ENR.
camp counselor
For a little over 3 years I have been a part of Eagles Nest Ranch. It was Isaiah 66:1 that “called” me to be a part of ENR. From my initial yes, the adventure continues to unfold. I have been a part of a team(s) hosting special days & events, as well as serving where the need is (ie. cleaning; yes toilets!) It is the people I have met, friends I have made, (like family), that I treasure. The excellence that the Board, the city team, the ranch team serves Him continues to inspire me & makes me grateful I said yes.
Volunteer/prayer team

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