Eagles Nest Ranch

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Looking for a place to relax and connect for your next group retreat? Enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and rest in one of our beautiful Cottage Cabins or meet in our rustic Town Hall.

Town Hall

While Town Hall has become iconic for many people when they think of Eagles Nest Ranch, there were many years when Town Hall was not part of the Ranch. The kitchen was originally built first, and the main hall was added in later. Over the years, this building has hosted thousands of campers, concerts and festivals, craft markets, and many other events. The building has a large hall that seats 250, a commercial kitchen, 10 dorm rooms with private washrooms, and a stone fireplace. It also has an upstairs which has a ping pong and snooker table, as well as tables and chairs which are often used for crafting. It truly is the hub of ENR for most major events and camps.


The Amphitheatre is another fantastic part of the Eagles Nest Ranch. Built right into the valley, this amphitheatre features an “abandoned coal mine-esque” tunnel entrance, two large fire pits, bench seating for 300, a faux overhead “goat ramp”, a two storey backdrop barn, stage lighting, and a covered concession. Over the years, the amphitheatre has been the host of many concerts and good times by the fire. It was even notably first opened with a concert from Juno Award Winning artist, Paul Brandt. If you’re looking to book an event or a camp in the summer months, you’ll definitely want to consider the amphitheatre!

Founders Hall

Founders Hall is one of our main hubs at the Ranch, with so much to offer! This building has a stunning fireside common room with a coffee bar and stone fireplace. Along with that, Founder’s Hall also has 15 dorm rooms. Over the years this building has been used for discipleship training schools, retreats, and other gatherings.

Cottage Cabins

The cottage cabins at ENR are the perfect place to unwind and unplug. Built originally for extra staff housing, our cottage cabins now are utilized year round for personal retreats as well as guest housing during special events. These cabins are highlighted by a wood-burning stove, private 3 piece bathroom, and small kitchenette. The smaller cabins have a queen bed, while the larger “family cabins” have bunk beds, and room for 5-6 guests. The cabins also have a furnace to make sure your stay is comfortable.


The ENR skatepark has become an oasis in the hills for both beginner and intermediate skateboarders. The skate park’s highlight is the Snake Run, which happens to be the longest of its kind in all of western Canada. The valleys were cut out by glaciers years ago.

Prayer Mountain

While it’s not technically a mountain, this hill is a beautiful lookout that many have visited over the years. Just one look and you can see why so many have taken the hike up for times of, worship, prayer, and contemplation. The gazebo at prayer mountain is equipped with a wood-burning stove, which makes it a great spot to visit year-round.

Town Hall Dorms

Along the southern part of Town Hall is an upper wing that features 10 dorm rooms. Each dorm room has 2 bunks and a private 3 piece bathroom… making it the ideal place for staff, volunteers, and event attendees to stay. The dorms are right above the kitchen, and allow easy access for meal times and for anyone who may be helping in the kitchen. There’s one dorm room in the wing with a queen bed as well, which makes it a great spot for a couple to stay. At the end of the dorm wing is a common room that has ample natural lighting, tables for playing games, a couch with a TV for movie nights, and even a microwave if you need to heat up some popcorn!

A few things to keep in mind

  • We have a no alcohol on the premises policy.
  • No open flames may be used on interior tables unless in ENR approved containers.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside any of our buildings. We have designated areas for smoking. Cannabis is prohibited on site.
  • No pets allowed in any of our buildings.
  • There are designated parking areas for all guests/attendees.
  • In the event of a fire ban, you are still subject to Municipal and Provincial warnings and law.

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