Eagles Nest Ranch

Our goal is to have 2,020 supporters join us in giving a monthly donation of $20 to ENR. In reaching our goal, we will be able to continue our operations into summer 2021 and carry on the Eagles Nest Ranch legacy for generations to come.

Why we serve

Our ministry exists all for the  glory of God.  We desire Eagles Nest Ranch to be a place of refuge where individuals and families of all ages can retreat to spend time with God and find refreshing in His presence. For every child or teenager that comes to our summer camp programing, we want them to know that they matter and are dearly loved by our Heavenly Father.  For every person who visits our facility we want them to know that they are loved and valued by their Heavenly Father.  When we see the smiles on the faces, hear their testimonies and witness the lives that are changed, we are reminded that all of that is made possible because of our generous donors.

Giving 20 will enable us to continue our operations at the Ranch, to continue enriching the lives of our community and carry on the Eagles Nest Ranch legacy for generations to come.

What your support goes towards:

Horse Program

The Eagles Nest Ranch horse program is a ministry that has been a blessing to campers and guests at ENR for decades. By riding and working with our horses, campers of all ages can experience many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. The future is bright for our up-and-coming junior wranglers, who have a heart for the Lord and love working with our horses.  In spite of not being able to host our regular summer camp programming, this past summer we were still able to safely host 50+ guests for trail rides and corral rides on our property; continuing on the wonderful legacy of this ministry.

Horse Shelter

A recent blizzard revealed to us that our horses are in need of improved shelter during the winter to keep them safe from the elements. We need to build some additions to an existing horse paddock to shelter our horses. 

Estimated cost: $500-$1000

General Monthly Care

Donate today to contribute to the ongoing horse needs such as horse feed, vet visits, and other items like horse blankets for the winter.
Estimated cost: $700

Outdoor/Camp Activities

Zipline Maintenance

The zipline is in need of several repairs and upgrades in the spring of 2021. The safety of our campers is our largest priority, and we will need to have these upgrades and maintenance scheduled in order to operate the zipline safely for our 2021 camp season.

Estimated cost: $12,000-$15,000


The walking bridge halfway up the hill on the walking path needs repaired or replaced. This bridge is important for the safety of any campers or retreat guests going on hikes.

Estimated cost: $300

Motion Light Replacement

One of the motion lights near the skatepark is currently broken and needs replaced. This light serves to light the path for our campers and staff as they walk between Town Hall and Founder’s Hall at night time.

Estimated cost: $40

Town Hall


The eaves on the north side of the building need to be repaired with a new downspout installed. The eaves and downspout are crucial to the integrity of the building to allow for proper drainage away from the building.

Estimated cost: $250

Upstairs Office

The drywall to be replaced and carpet cleared in the upper office of Town Hall from leaking roof in 2019.

Estimated cost: $300

Roof Above Nurses Station

The nurses station is one of the most important areas at our camp. When someone scrapes a knee, is feeling unwell, or needs to take their medication, they come to see our nurse at the nurse station. The cedar shakes above this area are aging and will need to be replaced with tin soon.

Back Deck

The back deck that leads to the dorm rooms in Town Hall needs to be replaced. This deck is essential for our summer staff and retreat guests to have easy access into Town Hall. The upgraded deck would also serve to be a functional area for our guests and staff to study and fellowship.

Estimated cost: $4,000

Washing Machine

A new washing machine is needed for the downstairs laundry room. This washing machine is used for washing towels, bed sheets, and kitchen cloths.

Estimated cost: $1,500

Paint for Dorm Rooms

Loft rooms need trim around all showers as paint is peeling and drywall getting damaged.

Girls Bathroom

Several years ago, the ceiling above the girls bathroom was leaking and caused some water damage to drywall. Now that new tin has been put above this area, the next step for full renovation of the girls bathroom is to replace water damaged drywall in the ceiling, repair a dozen of the cracked floor tiles, replace the counter top, lower cupboards, and freshen it up with some paint.

Estimated cost: $5,000-7,000


This printer is essential for our camp season, as we rely on it to print forms for parents to sign, cabin lists for our counsellors, and medical reports for our camp nurses.

Estimated cost: $300

Dorm Cabins

Windows (Dorm Cabins)

Our dorm cabins are long overdue to have some window panes replaced.

Estimated cost $8,500-$12,000

New Roof (Squirrels Cabin)

Our horses need things like food, medicine and shelter for the winter

Estimated cost $12,000 - $15,000

Ceiling Fans

New ceiling fans with lights are needed for boys cabins. These fans are likely 10-15 years old, and are crucial for both keeping the boys' cabins cool and while also circulating the air… for sometimes obvious “odor-related” reasons… our male counsellors will thank you for it.

Estimated cost: $600

Cottage Cabins

These cabins are important housing for our staff in summer months, as well as rentable spaces for bookings and retreats.

New Tin for Roofs

All of the cottage cabins (minus cabin 3) have peeling and cracked shingles. These shingles are long overdue to be replaced. Cabin 3 recently had new tin put on it, and we believe this would be a prudent step for the future of each of the cottage cabins.

Re-Insulation of Roofs

We also would like to re-insulate the roofs to reduce heat loss. Ice has been building up on the roofs in winter, which we believe is due to lack of insulation. Soffit will also need to be installed at that time to prevent squirrels from climbing into the cabins.


All cabins need tubs and surrounds replaced, while we’re doing this we will need to re-insulate bathroom exterior walls as squirrels have cleaned out insulation completely.

Estimated cost: $3,000-$5,000 each

Founder's Hall

Fireplace Screen

A new spark screen is needed for the fireplace in Founder’s Hall.

Estimated cost: $150


Two years ago we began to renovate one of the rooms at Founder’s Hall to make a kitchen that could be a shared space for guests who are staying in dorm rooms. The kitchen is nearly done, but is still in need of a sink, a stove, commercial dishwasher.

Bathtubs in Suite 1 & 5

In each of these suites, the bathtubs have a hole in them and need to be replaced or repaired.

Heater for Coffee Bar

Baseboard heater is needed to be installed at both doorways into flooring.

Heater for Boys Bathroom

Heater in boys bathroom does not work (electric wall unit).


The gym is the space where dance lessons and floor hockey take place during summer camp. It also serves as an alternate space for indoor activities like crafts to take place in the event of rain or unfavourable weather.


Soffit needs to be installed around the entire building to prevent further damage from squirrels.

Deck & Railings

The deck and railings around the gym is also a safety concern as it is completely rotten on the sides (has all been taped off except for front doors).

Back Wall

The entire wall needs plywood replaced and any rotten 2x6 and covered with metal.

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