Eagles Nest Ranch

Summer camps

In the summer months of July-August, Eagles Nest Ranch hosts overnight camps for kids from ages 7-18, as well as a day camp for ages 6-8. We value kids discovering more about who they are through the challenges of trying new things, meeting new people and venturing out of their comfort zone. It’s through adventure and fun in an environment where kids are free to be kids that they are given the opportunity to find self-confidence and a sense of independence. We provide a safe place for kids to discover truth in a way that may leave a life-lasting impact as they ask questions and find answers in God’s word.

Events & Retreats

Throughout the year, ENR hosts many camps, events and retreats in its facilities. Located in the beautiful Cypress Hills of Alberta, ENR is the ideal location to get away and enjoy the peaceful stillness of nature in the midst of adventurous camp activities.

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Our mission is to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our campers.

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