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This January we are hosting our fourth annual “Seek First” weekend retreats. Join us on one of these weekends to take some time to pray and seek God as we start the New Year. These weekends are designed for you to have a place to connect with God as an individual, family or group of friends. There will be times … Read More


In partnership with CitiYouth Medicine Hat, Eagles Nest Ranch is hosting a party to celebrate the end of the school year! Come and enjoy a fun evening, with zip-lining, climbing wall, and paintball. We’ll also have a great time together later in the evening in the amphitheatre with performances from GX Canada, a live worship band, and more. To RSVP … Read More

The Father’s Heart Drama

“The Father’s Heart” is a drama telling the story of the Cross and all Jesus did for us, seen from the perspective of God the Father in Heaven. Through this unique perspective and interpretation, the audience is brought into the story to experience how the Father felt as He sent His son to the earth, and saw everything unfold leading … Read More


We have various activities for your family and friends to enjoy. We plan to also spend some time in worship around campfire, enjoying God’s presence and sharing what He has done this summer. Zipline | Climbing Wall | Mountain Bikes | Archery/Riflery | Paintball | Skate Park & Snakerun| Hiking | Bouncy Castle We would like to introduce you to our faithful … Read More


Eagles Nest Camp Open House

Come test-drive Summer Camp @ ENR and invest in kids’ lives. We’ll eat together, play together and support God’s work. From zipline to chilling with a hot chocolate by the fire place in Town Hall or Amphitheatre. Join us! Zipline | Climbing Wall | Mountain Bikes | Archery/Riflery | Meet the Horses| Paintball | Skate Park & Snakerun This is … Read More